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Coming spring of 2024

David's new novel

The Greenling is a coming-of-age tale set in the year 2050 that combines elements of eco-fiction with magical realism. The central figure, a young woman named Noah, has a growing sensitivity to Nature’s communications. Non-human life, especially trees, begins to display a sentience usually reserved for humans.

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I've just finished writing my new novel, The Greenling. It's one part eco-fiction, one part magical realism, and one part mystical contemplation – all wrapped up in a really good story! It takes place in 2050 and begins in Kilkenny, Ireland. I'm excited about the premise, the storyline, and the characters. But it's you, the reader who ultimately gets to decide!

    Check back soon to claim your copy.   

"With rich characters and deep interconnected relationships, The Greenling takes readers on an intercontinental journey exposing the all-to-real climatological challenges of the modern age. Thrust into the future, personal ambitions and corporate greed intersect with nature’s mystical awakening to confront ongoing environmental problems. Readers who appreciate weaving mysticism into real-world problems will enjoy this thought-provoking story infused with relatable friendships and families who face hard truths in order to more fully love and support one another in a less-than-perfect world."


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