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Fall Creek Abbey is an urban retreat house in Indianapolis thoughtfully designed for those seeking to reconnect their hearts with the heart of God. 

We welcome those desiring personal retreat space for day or overnight retreats. When someone walks through the doors into the Abbey, it’s not uncommon for them to pause and want to name what they’re feeling: the sensation of peace, quiet,  welcome and simple beauty.

Many who come are seeking a sanctuary where they will be undisturbed, yet lovingly supported; a place of rest and solitude, as well as rich conversation; a private setting where they can be anonymous and not responsible for anyone but themselves.

"I live in the Rockies--so any excuse that takes me to the Midwest is a welcomed reason to slow down and retreat in this wonderful space called Fall Creek Abbey. At FCA I've been graced to attend spiritual direction training, gather organizational staff together for ministry dreaming, and spend much needed times of solitude. FCA is an oasis of hospitality, peace, and beauty amidst a loud, demanding world."                    


-Scott, pastor-to-missionaries; lover of time with God and good friends 

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