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Wisdom for Old Souls

Wisdom for Old Souls is an invitation to engage in a three-way dialogue between the human author of Ecclesiastes, God—the Eternal One, and you. 


Picture a round table with three chairs, or better, a crackling fire pit with three Adirondacks in a circle. As you enter the conversation, you easily identify with the raw, genuine angst expressed by this ancient author. You’re glad that someone has found language to hold these questions and conundrums. You’re also grateful for its inclusion in scripture, even if at times it feels like a sacred outlier. 


Then, you shift your attention to the response. The Eternal One is patient with this old friend. They have journeyed for a lifetime together, so there is an easy, direct openness with one another. As you listen, you appreciate the larger and loving perspective that is shared between them. And then both turn toward you, and in quiet silence draw you out and draw you in. 


Borrowing from the Ignatian tradition and its regard for the imagination, this series of reflections is as tender and gentle as they are unsettling and provocative. They invite old souls, whether young or not-so-young, to read the sacred text in a Jacob-like-spirit as a wrestler—and engage with God in a more real, robust, and honest way.

Wisdom for Old Souls

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