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Spiritual direction

Spiritual direction is an ancient ministry of listening for the presence and activity of God in the life of another. During a session of spiritual direction, a director will  prayerfully listen for God’s movement in the life of the directee, attuning to the directee's relationship with and experience of God. The effect for the directee is often a heightened sense of God's presence and action permeating all of life and prayer.

At Fall Creek Abbey we are passionate about introducing the larger Christian community to this quiet, yet beautiful ministry through three specific initiatives: offering spiritual direction, training to become a spiritual director, and peer supervision and continuing education for directors.

Are you looking for a spiritual director? Consider a Fall Creek Abbey Affiliate.

“Beth and Dave Booram embody the term “radical hospitality” in the sacred space of Fall Creek Abbey.  Their welcome is consistently warm, intentional and genuine. Fall Creek Abbey is a sanctuary for nurturing body, mind, and spirit, and I always leave better off for having spent time there. “

Bev – church lay leader and spiritual director

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