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Contemplative Practices

While silence and solitude is the foundation of the contemplative life, the following spiritual practices are the trellis upon which we grow our life of prayer and service out of love for Christ. The following spiritual practices are offered

as exercises and examples of how this particular practice works. We invite you to choose one and try it for a season of time in order to become familiar with it and allow the gifts of the practice to assist you to encounter the love of God.

spiritual location

The Spiritual Location Exercise helps provide a “life-scan” of your heart, mind, body and soul.

exercise in personal discernment

This is an exercise in personal discernment, based on principles implicit in Ignatian spirituality.



Lectio Divina is an ancient form, a “sacred reading” of the living words of Scripture.

prayer of


An intentional process of stillness with God to collect the pieces of our lives and distractions.

prayer of


The Examen is a contemplative prayer that involves reflecting on the current or previous day.



Also named centering prayer, this is unique to other prayer forms because it's generally wordless.

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