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peer supervision & Support for directors

What is Spiritual Direction Supervision?


Whether in person or virtual, supervision is a crucial component of spiritual direction.  Supervision focuses on the spiritual director – not the directee. It’s basically a two-part process, with the first part being self-reflection.  It’s about looking at yourself and reflecting on what you said or did (or didn’t say or do), how you felt, what you noticed (did you “get in the way,” were you “triggered” by the directee, did you zone out?)…what was your experience during the session? What was stirring in you?  


The second part of the supervision process is the vulnerable sharing of your self-reflection with your supervisor (and/or with peers).  Your supervisor and fellow spiritual directors then share their questions and insights for the purpose of helping you find even deeper awareness of your behaviors, motives, assumptions, emotions, and areas of resistance.  As spiritual directors, we’re able to help directees go only to the depth that we’re willing to go ourselves. Supervision helps us do that so we can be more fully present to others.

Local Peer Supervision


If you are a trained spiritual director living in or near the Indianapolis area, we offer a monthly gathering for spiritual directors to receive peer supervision. This is designed to assist spiritual directors in their continued growth and development.

On occasion, we also host educational events for spiritual directors. For more information, contact us.

One-On-One Supervision


Individual (one-on-one in person or virtually), peer/group supervision, and consultation supervision is offered by our Fall Creek Abbey adjunct trainers, Bev Gallagher, Karen Block, and Vicki Schelb. Hover over their photos below for more information about each of them as well as contact info.

Bev Gallagher-1.jpg

Bev Gallagher

Fall Creek Abbey
Adjunct Trainer or 317-402-0578

Bev has participated in supervision for the past 12 years. She received her training in spiritual direction at The Benedict Inn through its Spiritual Direction Internship program. She has been affiliated with Fall Creek Abbey since 2015. 

FCA Karen Block.jpg

Karen Block

Fall Creek Abbey
Adjunct Trainer

Karen received two years of spiritual direction training through Sustainable Faith School of Spiritual Direction. She has been affiliated with Fall Creek Abbey since 2013.


Vicki Scheib

Fall Creek Abbey
Adjunct Trainer

Vicki is a spiritual director, supervisor, and instructor with our School of Spiritual Direction. She offers services online and in person at Kavanna House, a spiritual formation center in York PA. She has a D.Min. in Leadership and Spiritual Formation from Portland Seminary.

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