You will likely find spiritual direction beneficial to you if you identify with one or more of these statements:

  • You have a deepening desire to live a more authentic life with God  

  • You’re trying to make sense of God and your own faith journey

  • The old answers, approach to faith, or spiritual practices that used to work don’t any more

  • You’re in a faith crisis and wondering if you’re losing your way

  • You’re at a crossroads in your life and need to discern God’s path forward


To be clear, spiritual direction is not therapy, nor is it coaching, discipling or mentoring. Spiritual direction is for those who want to be assisted by a trained listener as they process and discern God’s presence and activity in their lives. Our fee is $70 for an hour-long session. 

We are happy to make referrals to other trained spiritual directors if we are unable to meet with you personally. See our list of Affiliates by using the button below.

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