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Feeling Invisible?

Can you imagine feeling invisible to your partner or spouse? I've been reading Brene Brown's book, "Atlas of the Heart" recently. In her chapter on "Places We Go When We Search for Connection" she says, "Given that we are all here to be seen, known, and loved, invisibility is one of the most painful human experiences." Amen to that!

This is doubly true if we experience invisibility from our loved one! Brown goes on to define invisibility as "a function of disconnection...where an individual's...humanity and relevance (are) unacknowledged, ignored and/or diminished in value or importance."

As I read this, I thought of my hope for our card deck, Couples Qs. I was inspired to create this with the simple goal to help facilitate a couple's experience of being known by one another. I hadn't thought about the opposite of being known as being invisible, but isn't that what can happen over time with those we are familiar with and assume we know everything about? If you want to develop new eyes and new ears to see and hear one another, make sure you order a deck.


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