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They're in! Examen Qs

Behind the scenes we've been working on a new project - Examen Qs. And they just arrived!

The principal “power tools” of spiritual direction and contemplative spirituality are well-timed, clearly stated questions that prompt reflection. We've crafted a unique pack of 35 cards with some of our favorite questions to help draw attention to the real features of our life experience and the presence and action of God.

The questions included in the Examen Qs are designed to help you: (1) Recognize where God is present and active; (2) Reflect on what God’s movement is stirring in you; (3) And prayerfully consider how you want to Respond.

These cards can be used in a variety of ways. They can serve as a focus for your daily Prayer of Examen, choosing one at random, or searching for a topic that draws you. They can also be used with individuals for whom you offer guidance. Finally, they can be enriching for a group or dinner table to help promote meaningful conversation about our life with God.

We hope these Examen Qs generate many moments of dynamic engagement between you, God and others.

You can order your set here ($18, shipping not included):

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