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Book Junkie

Book Junkie

I’m a book junkie. I admit it. I’m not sure there’s an antidote for this addiction nor are there enough bookcases in my home to hold all my stash. It’s a problem.

I haven’t always been a book junkie though. I didn’t grow up in a home that read a lot of books. I wasn’t taken to the library regularly or read to all that much. But I do have vivid memories of the stories our elementary school librarian, Mrs. Horn, read. (Did I mention that she had purple hair before it was fashionable and wore it in a French roll--very fashionable for the day?)

One specific book I remember Mrs. Horn reading to us in fourth grade was called The Bears of Blue River—a Hoosier classic! I was so enthralled with this story that I remembered enough details (camping in a hollowed-out sycamore tree, cooking bacon on a campfire) that I was able to describe it to a librarian when my own kids were little so that she could track it down for me!

One of my core values is to be a lifelong learner and I simply can’t imagine how to do that apart from reading good books! On this Shout-Out Thursday, I’d like to introduce you to another book junkie: our friend, Chris Smith, fellow author and editor of The Englewood Review of Books.

If you are interested in finding great books to read, check out Chris’s books and the Englewood web site, which will introduce you to other fabulous, and sometimes off-the-beaten-track titles!

We are very grateful to Chris, who also lives here in Indy, for his encouraging endorsement of our new book, When Faith Becomes Sight, which releases in just a month! Thanks, fellow junkie!

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