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Healing Invisible Wounds

Healing Invisible Wounds

The body is made to heal itself. But what about the soul? How do those immaterial parts of us heal from the wounds of relationship or a collision with painful life circumstances? Those immaterial wounds rarely heal on their own and are often what keep us bound in a perpetual state of reactivity.

A number of years ago, I experienced (and inflicted) wounding during a terrible conflict. It felt as though the damage done was unhealable—so invisible and immense the hurt, it felt out of reach, too deep and devastating to be cured.

And then I was introduced to and received healing prayer.

Healing or formational prayer, as Terry Wardle calls it, invited me to into a posture where I could receive the healing care of God in a place of deep wounding. In that place, Jesus met me, spoke very specific, truthful, hopeful, loving words to me, and began healing my invisible wounds. I discovered from that experience that invisible wounds can heal—but only when, from the deepest depths of our soul, we encounter the God who is Love.

For this Shout-out Thursday, I’d like to introduce you to a resource that I have been personally and profoundly impacted by: Healing Care Ministries and Dr. Terry Wardle.

PLEASE CHECK OUT THIS MINISTRY for yourself, for those you love who are hurting, and for training in this dynamic formational prayer ministry. Also, you can read Healing Care, Healing Prayer as a great introduction to formational prayer.

And THANK YOU, TERRY, for such an affirming endorsement of our forthcoming book, When Faith Becomes Sight (November 19, 2019--@InterVarsity Press)!

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