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Why We (So Desperately) Need Silence


The subject of silence is showing up everywhere in my world—on book covers and podcasts; and in blogs, science journals, and even my church e-newsletter. So, what’s all this buzz about? Why do we need silence? Better yet, why do we SO DESPERATELY need regular doses of silence?

While there is solid research that exposure to unremitting, loud noise can kill you, it’s also been proven that regular doses of silence can heal you. I can vouch for that! Most days I spend a generous period of time in silence. (I realize that’s one of the luxuries of our life-stage, btw.) And I’ve experienced the curative power of these solitary moments when I’m able to rest deeply within myself, within God and “repair.”

Repair. If you think about the word, it suggests the idea of bringing two parts that belong together—back together. And that’s what silence does for me. It brings my public and private self, my outer and inner self back together, so that I can be whole again. Silence heals me as I sink down into my solid, clear center instead of staying on the turbulent surface of life, often worked up by frenetic thoughts and feelings. Silence helps me hear the Voice of God and the voice of my true self. It unleashes creativity and instills trust in the God-who-is.

On this Shout-out Thursday, I’d like to introduce you to someone who has written a fabulous book about silence: Phileena Heuertz! Her book, Mindful Silence, as well the Gravity Center, an organization she and Chris Heuertz founded, promote the healing of the human person through the balm of silence. We are SO very honored to have Phileena endorse our new book, When Faith Becomes Sight. Thank you, Phileena! And, incidentally, Gravity is celebrating their 7th anniversary next week—CONGRATS!

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