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Spiritual Location Exercise

The Spiritual Location Exercise helps provide a “life-scan” of your heart, mind, body and soul. It invites you to “locate” yourself in your life situation and take a deeper look at what’s going on within you. There are three stages to this exercise. You will need a journal or paper and a pen/pencil to write down your responses.


Stage One: begin by sitting up tall in your chair, grounding your feet on the floor and taking three to five deep cleansing breaths until you feel centered within your body. Then begin, stream of consciousness, to write down responses to the questions below.


Stage Two: read back over your responses three or more times, underlining statements or sentences that seem to stand out and have particular meaning or importance. Reflect on the highlighted statements. What seems to be the overall theme? What does this theme bring to your awareness?  

Stage Three: once you’ve identified the main theme or important awareness, spend time reflecting on its significance through journaling; talking with God about it and listening for God’s response; and sharing your reflections with a spiritual director or spiritual friend. This practice is an excellent monthly rhythm and can assist you in identifying what’s important to bring to your time with a spiritual director.

1. What are the givens/facts of my life (the undeniable realities)?

2. What are the preoccupations of my mind (what I’ve been thinking a lot about lately)?

3. What are the movements of my heart (my prevailing emotions)?

4. What is the condition of my body?

5. What questions would I like to ask God? What questions do I ache to have answered?

6. What are my longings and desires?

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