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Intentional Hospitality:
Practicing the Art of Welcoming

A Free 90-minute Seminar

Friday, October 8, 12:00 pm-1:30 pm


The practice of hospitality has dramatically declined in recent years, and yet its recovery has never been more crucial than within this current inhospitable climate. In this 90-minute seminar, we will explain and illustrate the art of welcoming from our own experience of hosting nearly 9,000 guests over the past nine years as stewards of Fall Creek Abbey, an urban retreat house in Indianapolis. You will learn about the unique charism of Benedictine hospitality reflected in these four tenets: receiving every person as if receiving Christ, honoring their infirmities, learning to balance the need for solitude with welcoming, and providing hospitality that is both inclusive and boundaried. 


     The effect of this sacred ministry is that— 

          strangers become friends

               peace becomes palpable

                    your home becomes a house of prayer

                         and Christ is welcomed in your midst. 


The zoom link for the live seminar and conversation is provided after booking. When you register for this seminar, you will also receive a link to a recording to view afterward at your leisure.

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