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Making the Exercises

Flow of the Exercises

  1. You begin with an invitation to discover that God really, really, really loves you.

  2. From the safety and assurance of the infinite love of God, you are gently led into an honest appraisal of sin, its consequences and how it gets in the way of your relationship with God. Grace and mercy gain fresh meaning as you look at your life-defeating patterns.

  3. From here you move into the invitation and experience of being a disciple; watching and learning about Jesus, both His humanity and His value system.  As a result, you naturally find yourself desiring to know Jesus more, to love Him more and to trustingly follow Him.

  4. This intimate friendship with Jesus moves you into the Passion where you consider “How can I be a friend to Jesus in the last hours of His life?”

  5. In the final movement you experience the Risen Christ who consoles you and joyfully shares His resurrected life with you.

When making the Exercises, you will be asked to:

(a) spend approximately an hour each day praying and reflecting on assigned Scriptures and


(b) meet weekly with an Ignatian trained spiritual director.  

All participants will meet four times during the nine months for a day-long retreat at Fall Creek Abbey. During this time, you will have the chance to process with the group your experience of God and the gifts you have received from God through the exercises. During the months the group does not meet in person, you will join a one-hour on-line meeting (5 total) to share insights from your personal experience. 

It is our prayer that this group setting will enhance your individual journey as you begin to see the richness of what others are experiencing. You will have a front row seat to witness how God meets everyone uniquely, according to how each person is created.

Karen Block has developed and will facilitate this program.


September 28, 2024

January 11, 2025

March 1, 2025

May 17, 2025

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