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We've found that one of the best gifts to share with friends and family is not more stuff, but an experience; especially an experience that offers rest, reflection and renewal. So we've make it easy to send a gift to someone you care about.


Gift cards can be ordered by following the link below. They are priced at the following levels to correspond to our retreat offerings. If desired, you can choose your own amount as well. 

Day retreat $60 (lunch included) 

Overnight single retreat $120 (all meals included) 

Overnight couple's retreat $150 (all meals included) 

Spiritual Direction $70

We look forward to hosting those in your circle of care soon.

Wrapped Gift

"For over 25 years I’ve been practicing the habit of personal retreats, often in secluded locations to escape the noise of the city.  However, what is desperately needed are sacred spaces in the middle of urban centers, so being still in the midst of real life can be learned.  Thank God for Fall Creek Abbey.  I have discovered Fall Creek Abbey to be a unique urban retreat that inhabits hospitality, breathes rest, and exudes the presence of God. It’s a place I treasure … and a respite I have encouraged our congregation to experience."  

Jim—contemplative pastor, father, husband and friend  

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