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Knowledge Versus Implementation

I’m a luthier, a person who builds stringed instruments. I’m skilled at my craft; I’m good enough to make a living at it. I know a LOT about guitars and would guess I’m probably in the top 1% of the population regarding knowledge of guitars.

I’m also a guitar player. I’ve been playing guitar for more than 40 years, though I’m not very skilled at it. I’m certainly not good enough to make a living at it. I’d guess of all the people who’ve ever played guitar, I’m maybe in the top 50%. Maybe. That means I’m also in the bottom 50%.

The point is that my knowledge ABOUT guitars doesn’t help me to PLAY guitar better.

I’m also a Christ follower. I’ve attended church most of my life because I want to experience God deeply. Regularly. Attending church has helped me learn ABOUT God. But knowing ABOUT God doesn’t help me experience God any more than knowing a lot about guitars improves my playing. Practice is what helps me to play guitar better.

“When Faith Becomes Sight” isn’t a book ABOUT God. It’s about practicing. It teaches me how to practice what I want most in life: experiencing God.

One example that’s been helpful is their description of feeling drawn or driven in Chapter 11. “When you are in consolation, you have the sense of being drawn by the Spirit as though carried or assisted by a force not completely your own. You are living in the flow of life and of your true self. When you are in desolation, however, you have the sensation of being driven, either by your own ego or from deeply ingrained reflexes. The energy of your effort, in this case, is compulsive, forceful and impatient.” That description hit home with me! They go on to offer ways I can become more mindful of these energies and how they can serve me instead of tripping me up.

Dave and Beth share practical and personal stories of how they’ve learned to draw near to God and recognize God drawing near to them. It’s obvious that they’ve been diligent in their practice. Now if I could only be as diligent practicing my guitar…

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