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Activity of the Divine

I live and serve in Beirut Lebanon, and like other countries in the Near East, Lebanon is a country that has suffered greatly throughout their history. Currently, we are in the third month of a revolution against corruption and a pending economic collapse. In the midst of this chaos and desolation, what is the good news and how does one come alongside individuals and leaders in crisis?

I believe the wisdom shared in Beth and Dave Booram’s new book, When Faith Becomes Sight, will enable those in spiritual direction and pastoral care roles to be on the lookout for God in their personal lives and, therefore, be more available to God and to others that might be wondering where God can be found amidst the noise and brokenness within and around them.

You will find their book a rich resource for discovering what your soul is longing for and guide you in answering questions such as these: How might desire or desperation be my guide to seeking and finding God present, available and at work within and all around me? How am I responding to God in my lived experience? How might I grow in my capacity to recognize God, reflect on my experience, and respond faithfully to his presence and involvement in my life? How can an ordinary event become… a window into the activity of the Divine? A new way to experience the divine? A deeply personal and transforming experience that assures me of God’s nearness?

The book is divided up into three parts: Looking For; Looking Through; and Looking Within. In my attempt to be more mindful of the thoughts and reflection exercises Beth and Dave have developed in Part One, Recognizing the Signs of God, I created a four-part summary (see below) of some of the main ideas to keep close to my journal. May it also bless you as you begin your journey of Opening Your Eyes to God’s Presence All Around You.


Joann and her husband, Scott, currently live and serve in Beirut, Lebanon supporting national leaders and global workers. Their passion to offer soul care support for leaders was birthed while serving as church planters and raising their children in Romania. Joann trained as a Spiritual Director under the leadership of Beth and Dave Booram through the Fall Creek Abbey School of Spiritual Direction. Along with being a lifelong learner, Joann enjoys the refreshment of special time with family, hiking, biking and sunshine!

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