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My Riff on Epiphany

This past fall Remy, our sixth grandchild, was born. And now, we will forever mark October 14th as an annual prompt to celebrate him and the miracle of his birth. As significant as the day of his birth, the days and weeks that have followed are equally, if not more, revealing.

How often we spend uncounted time staring into his tiny face, reveling at his squirming grunts and thrilling at each moment of undeniable eye-contact or an unmistakable smile. Epiphany! These early glimmers of Remy’s personality delight and pin us to this present, simple moment. Epiphany’s wonder illustrated in a child.

A few days ago, we entered into an extended season of the Christian calendar known as Epiphany. These days began with the Feast of Kings on January 6th (twelve days after Christmas) to remember the three kings who visited Jesus after seeing a star in the sky signifying the birth of the King of the Jews. As I consider the beautiful invitation that Epiphany extends to us this year, I am struck by the opportunity to not only contemplate the birth of Jesus but equally the early and wonder-filled years of his emerging personhood.

Our recent book, When Faith Becomes Sight – Opening Your Eyes to God’s Presence All Around You, is a guide to those of us on a journey to become people of Epiphany. To live in a similar way to the three magi who were captivated by a great and at times ambiguous appearance in the sky. One of the book’s chapters is titled “Shimmering Attractions” and invites us to consider and respond to those luminous interruptions as a means of recognizing God communicating with us in a personal way. (Click on the link above/below for the sample chapter.)

So, if you are being drawn into the possibilities of Epiphany this year, we’d like to invite you to consider picking up a copy of When Faith Becomes Sight and explore becoming a person of Epiphany!

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