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Healing through Relationship

A few days ago, David posted this query on Facebook: “Thinking about the difference between healing and wholeness today. Would love to hear your thoughts and what the distinction might mean to you.”

Truthfully, we were quite surprised and intrigued by the number of responses! This subject seemed to light people up and those of you who responded had such thoughtful reflections.

One theme we noticed was the recognition that healing happens through relationship, not in isolation. That resonates with something I recall psychologist Henry Cloud saying; that most of our wounds are acquired through relationship, therefore, most of them will need to heal through relationship.

Another person we know who embraces this truth and has written vividly about it is our friend and fellow @InterVarsity Press author, @Sharon Garlough Brown.

If you haven’t come across her Sensible Shoes series of novels you’ve missed out! In these books, Sharon illustrates how healing happens in and through the relationships of four women—originally strangers—who become friends of Jesus and one another.

It’s Shout-out Thursday and we’d like to introduce you to Sharon and her books, including her recently released book, Shades of Light. Thank you, Sharon, for your encouraging and poignant endorsement of When Faith Becomes Sight, which officially releases next week!

Sensible Shoes Series:

Shades of Light:

When Faith Becomes Sight:

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