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reviews for Picturing the Face of Jesus

"Finally, a book that actually positions readers for a transforming connection with the healing Christ! In Picturing the Face of Jesus: Encountering Christ through Art, Beth Booram does more than write about Jesus. She brings us face to face with Him, integrating wonderful stories and creative spiritual exercises that invite us to experience the Lord in ways both needed and powerful. Beth Booram is a gifted wounded healer who knows that the journey to wholeness is all about experiencing Jesus. This book is a light along that path for us all." 

Dr. Terry Wardle 

Professor at Ashland Theological Seminary

Author of Untamed and Unleashed, Healing Care, Healing Prayer

and Draw Close to the Fire

“Picturing the Face of Jesus is unlike any book you have read on Christ.  Through the poignant use of imagery, biblical storytelling, and visionary prayer, Beth Booram brings the character of the Savior into clear focus.  This powerful, contemplative, and authentic method of spending time alone with Him will transform your life.  I highly recommend it!”

Carol Kent, Speaker and Author

When I Lay My Isaac Down, New Kind of Normal 

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