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AFFirmations of affiliated spiritual directors

As an affiliate of Fall Creek Abbey, each spiritual director is asked to uphold four ethical ideals and practices of Christian spiritual direction. Each individual affirms the following statements:

1. I affirm that I will seek to make my own relationship with God and spiritual formation in Christ a priority in my life.

2. I affirm that I will seek to meet regularly with a spiritual director and receive her or his loving guidance as a spiritual practice.

3. I affirm that I will participate in either peer supervision or one-on-one supervision in my practice of offering spiritual direction for my ongoing development and accountability in this ministry.

4. I affirm my alignment with the following statement of Christian perspective:

“As spiritual directors we honor and worship the triune God; God as Creator of all, Jesus as God revealed in the flesh, and the Holy Spirit as the gift of God who transforms our lives and empowers us to participate in God’s redemptive work in the world. Scripture is the sacred text informing how we live out our faith.”

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