The Spiritual Exercises for Everyday Living

The Spiritual Exercises, developed in the 16th Century by St. Ignatius of Loyola, are an experience of daily prayer that draw you step by step into the very heart of God. This ancient and proven process is designed to deepen your personal relationship with the Trinity in such a way that an intimate friendship is formed.

When you participate in these daily exercises and encounter God’s love, you are changed! The virtues of faith, hope, and love become increasingly evident in your life. An additional fruit of the experience is an emerging freedom from some of the defeating patterns of your life. The space created by this growing freedom fosters a generous “Yes!” to God’s invitations in life. 



Fall Creek Abbey is offering this opportunity to journey through the 19th Annotation of the Exercises (a nine-month process) with the guidance and support of an Ignatian-trained spiritual director. You will experience the Ignatian Exercises on an individual basis, as well as process them in a group setting.  

As an individual, you will be asked to:

(a) spend approximately an hour each day praying and reflecting on assigned Scriptures and


(b) meet weekly with an Ignatian trained spiritual director.  

All participants will meet four times during the nine months for a day-long retreat at Fall Creek Abbey. During this time, you will have the chance to process with the group your experience of God and the gifts you have received from God through the exercises. During the months the group does not meet in person, you will join a one-hour on-line meeting (5 total) to share insights from your personal experience. 

It is our prayer that this group setting will enhance your individual journey as you begin to see the richness of what others are experiencing. You will have a front row seat to witness how God meets everyone uniquely, according to how each person is created.

Karen Block has developed and will facilitate this program.

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