When Faith Becomes Sight Received the 2019 Readers’ Choice Award!

On February 10 we received the thrilling news that When Faith Becomes Sight received the 2019 Readers’ Choice Award for the Formatio imprint with InterVarsity Press. Thank you to all our friends and fans who voted for us! Our competition was stiff, and the other titles were all written by exceptional authors. So, thank you, thank you!


This wonderful news, along with dozens of anecdotal stories from readers has been so gratifying. While we both find writing a deeply satisfying experience, the cherry on top is hearing from our readers! 


Here are just a few heartwarming stories we’d like to share with you! 

Square When Faith Becomes Sight.png
  • One friend took When Faith Becomes Sight on vacation with her and her husband, along with another couple. Each day they read a chapter out loud and talked about it. She reflected to us how much richer and deeper their conversations were than they’d ever been before!

  • Another friend is reading it with her friend who has been alienated from God for many years. They talk on the phone each week about the chapter they’ve read and how it connects with their lives. This friend-of-a-friend has now passed the book along to others with whom she works, sharing with them her awakened faith! 

  • A local pastor at a large mainline church loved the book so much that he gave it as a gift to his entire ministry team. They will use it as the focus of their team development time this spring. 

  • A friend and fellow spiritual director leads an ongoing book club with 30-40 women at her church and they are currently reading When Faith Becomes Sight. We look forward to joining them in March during their last discussion! 

  • Another fellow spiritual director who leads a spiritual formation ministry has begun a new cohort and all 30 participants are reading our book for the first retreat focused on “finding God in the ordinary.” 


These are only a few of the encouraging comments that have brightened our spirits and brought the meaning of our words and work deeper home to us. If you’ve not yet ordered your copy of When Faith Becomes Sight, we’ll make it easy for you. Here are three options!