As a certified Spiritual Director with Enneagram training and a master’s degree in Spiritual Formation and Leadership, Nicole is committed to helping others live freely and fully into the promise of God’s love and presence. Nicole has a passion for helping people overcome the barriers that can stand in the way of a flourishing, deepening, and life-changing relationship with the Lord. She offers a safe place to share your story, ask spiritual questions, and abide in Jesus’ healing presence. Within the spiritual direction relationship, you will grow in becoming attuned to the Holy Spirit to listen and respond to God’s direction and healing presence amid life’s circumstances. Nicole is delighted to share her life with her husband of over 20 years and two teenage boys. She loves connecting with God and others through His Word, creation, life stories, and worship. For over 15 years, she has been active in discipleship ministries, discipling relationships, and in the Spiritual Formation community at her local church. Nicole is able to meet with directees in person, through Skype, and by phone.

Nicole McClurg (West Lafayette, IN)




Bess Farrell enjoys being invited into the spiritual lives of others through deep listening within the spiritual direction relationship. Entering into the sacred space of Spiritual direction, both giving and receiving spiritual direction, is both a privilege and a holy moment for Bess. A three decade experience in cross-cultural ministry, a master’s degree in Spiritual Formation and Leadership, and a growing familiarity with the Enneagram allow Bess the foundational rooting and grounding to listen well and support and encourage the life of God in the directee. Daily increasing awareness of the presence of God in the ordinary in her own life has been the energy that has called Bess into this ministry of accompanying others in their spiritual pilgrimage. Bess is continuing to journey in her own spiritual life through monthly receiving Spiritual Direction and regular supervision of her own offering of Spiritual Direction. She is open to offer the gift of Spiritual Direction through face-to-face or online meetings. 

Bess Farrell (Warsaw, IN)


Faye Chechowich has enjoyed accompanying people in their unique spiritual journeys for many years.  Her youth ministry experience here in the U.S. and abroad and additional years of experience teaching and mentoring college students and faculty have provided opportunities to sit with young people and colleagues in their times of joy, stress, sorrow and doubt.  She is propelled by the conviction that God loves deeply and that he is at work in his people and his world. Listening for how God is showing up in the lives of her directees is Faye’s great joy. Faye has lived most of her adult life as a single woman and has a particular sensitivity to the journey of single adults.  Faye has completed the two-year spiritual direction training program at Fall Creek Abbey loves the ongoing learning that happens as she meets with directees. She lives in the Muncie/Yorktown area and invites directees to meet with her in her home or via skype.

Faye Chechowich

(Muncie, IN)


Laura Harmon receives and welcomes you in your journey of desiring more in your relationship and experience of God. Having spent years longing for more in her relationship with God, through Spiritual Direction and Spiritual Formation, Laura discovered how to become more aware and deepen her experience with God in her everyday life, exploring questions, longings and desires.  She spent 13 years working in the church as both a commissioned and licensed minister and as a pastoral counselor.  Along with offering Spiritual Direction Laura enjoys spending time with family, deep friendships, reading and experiencing nature.  Available to meet face-to-face or virtually.

Laura Harmon

(Fort Wayne, IN)