Renewing the Contemplative Spirit

A Retreat House in Indianapolis

A Place for Retreat

Fall Creek Abbey is an urban retreat house in Indianapolis set apart for those seeking to reconnect with their own hearts as they connect with the heart of God. We welcome those desiring personal retreat space for half day, full day or overnight retreats, as well as meeting space for small groups and teams.

Spiritual Direction

Many who faithfully follow and serve Christ eventually find themselves in a new place of spiritual longing and wondering how to deepen their intimacy with God. Spiritual direction is one way that people, both ancient and contemporary, have found the kind of help they need to explore their desire for God.

Spiritual direction has a primary focus on our relationship with God and experience of God, and awakens us to a life of prayer and prayer as life. At Fall Creek Abbey we feel impassioned to introduce the larger Christian community to this quiet, yet beautiful ministry. This passion is conveyed through three specific initiatives: personally offering spiritual direction to individuals and groups, training spiritual directors, and supporting spiritual directors in their
on-going supervision and development.

Contemplative Life Resources

Fall Creek Abbey is rooted in the perennial Christian tradition often referred to as the contemplative stream. While indebted to other traditions, we’ve found our most native resonance with the gifts, focus and practices of this ancient pathway. The focus of the contemplative stream is on cultivating one’s love relationship with God and living out the implications of that relationship in the world. Contrary to general impression, a contemplative isn’t a recluse, but someone who’s doing in the world is an overflow from his or her life of prayer and love for God.

It is one of the puzzling misfortunes for many who discover the contemplative tradition to find
themselves at a loss as to who and where to turn to nurture their spiritual life in this way. From the
beginning, it’s been our deep hope to offer a place of refuge where silence, solitude and stillness can soak into the souls of travelers wearied by the pace and clutter of this culture we call home and our nemesis. As fellow contemplatives we seek to steward Fall Creek Abbey as a sacred space where we can engage God and others who have awakened to experiencing the Divine in the deep waters of
conversation, contemplative practice and prayer.

When someone walks through the doors into Fall Creek Abbey, it’s not uncommon for them to pause and want to name what they’re feeling: the sensation of peace, quiet, welcome and simple beauty. Many who come are seeking a sanctuary where they will be undisturbed, yet lovingly supported; a place of rest and solitude, as well as rich conversation; a private setting where they can be anonymous and not be responsible for anyone but themselves.

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