Enneagram Consultations

Self-knowledge is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves. While this can come from countless sources, the Enneagram is uniquely equipped to provide an in-depth understanding of who we have become and why we do what we do. We’ve been studying the Enneagram for almost 20 years and actively teaching individuals and groups for half a dozen years, and this profound tool still continues to amaze us!


If you are curious about this ancient and insightful psycho-spiritual tool and would like to clarify your home style and increase your self-awareness, contact us for a personal enneagram consultation ($100). We are also available to provide customized Enneagram workshops for teams or congregations who are seeking to increase individual and community understanding. We are deeply grateful for the training we have received through both Crosspoint Ministries and master teacher, Suzanne Stabile (co-author of The Road Back to You and author of The Path Between Us).