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"Beth and David Booram bring us the fruit of their mature life and spiritual experience in helping the reader to recognize, reflect on, and respond to God's loving and guiding presence in their lives. The many examples of how this shows itself in people's lives who come to them for spiritual direction provide much concrete help in understanding how God's presence uniquely shows itself in our experience, even in times when that presence feels totally absent. The authors also offer fresh interpretations of many scriptural passages where people speak of their transcendent experiences. Drawing on the understanding and practices of the spiritual journey from giants in Christian tradition like John of the Cross, Teresa of Ávila, and Ignatius of Loyola enhance the depth of the book, as do the sections that challenge our illusions born of the false, egotistic self that divert us from our true self in God. The lucid, personal, and honest writing style of the authors contributes a lot to the book's readability. I think it is a valuable complement to other contemporary books about the spiritual journey and the ministry of spiritual direction."

Tilden Edwards 

Founder and senior fellow of the Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation

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