Vocational Discernment


We believe that vocational challenges and questions are not merely a problem to be solved; rather they are a crucial part of your formational journey. One of the most frequent needs our guests and those seeking spiritual direction express are questions of vocation. At various junctures of life we all feel stuck, lost, confused, and even hopeless concerning our life’s work and how to provide for our practical needs. Having stood at this foggy crossroads ourselves, we can serve as guides for those seeking clarity, confidence and forward momentum in pursuing their calling.

God cares deeply about how you steward your gifts and talents, as well as your practical and financial needs. Hearing from God in tangible ways as you take a deeper look at your own desires, personality and capacities will be some of the most important work you will do as you orient to God’s invitations in the world. You will find answers to your questions through David’s career counseling practice at Direction 4 Life Work.